paper airplanes is on bloglovin’!

hello everyone, from the tittle of this post you can already tell that i have some exciting news.

PA is on bloglovin’!! okay so to be completly honest with you, i was very hesitant to put PA out there, mainly because i didn’t really understand what the heck bloglovin’ was. i was like hmm can somebody please explain to me what it is. so after doing a lot of research, and by research i mean reading other blogs about what it was πŸ˜‰ i understood that it’s pretty much a blog frame that connects you to all different kinds of blogs and appears in your “feed” by following them.

if you think about it it’s actually a pretty handy tool because if there is a blogger that you really really like and their site isn’t a wordpress, or blogspot type of site then you pretty much have no way of following them. except registering to receive emails. BUT if they have a bloglovin’ then you can follow the site through there and receive their posts on your feed.

took me a while to understand, but alas here i am. actually i had a hard time because i saw paper airplanes show up as its own profile and then another one with my name, i was like “uhh why is this showing up as 2 different profiles” then realized that one contained my name and refers to me as “people” and the other is my actual blog which has all of my feed.

ANYWAYS so yeah that’s my news, follow me on there won’t ya πŸ˜‰

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